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Bringing the Outdoors in with Living Walls

Living walls have become more commonplace, as organizations seek to bring the outdoors in. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they’re recognized for:

When combined with natural light, they’ve even been credited with boosting moods and productivity.

There are a wide variety of living walls available. Choose one that works best for your brand and budget. Consider look and feel, as well as ongoing maintenance. The environment and location of the wall are also important factors.

After a living wall is ordered, it can take six to eight weeks to arrive. This can change based on the time of year and plants selected.

Installing a living wall is relatively simple. We recommend starting with a plan for how it will be maintained, as that will impact a number of factors relating to installation. For example, installing a sprinkler system will add a couple of weeks to the process, as opposed to just having a maintenance service care for the living wall. The next step will be installing the structure that supports the plants. Then, the plants, which typically come in special pans, buckets or pockets, can be attached.

It typically takes two days to install a 5’ – 9’ tall wall. However, if your wall requires plumbing or UV spotlights, that can add time to the project. Keep in mind moss walls come with a quicker turnaround time for installation.

Upkeep varies depending on the type of plants you select. Moss walls have zero maintenance, while others might need an automatic sprinkler system or service. Periodically, you may need to add new potting soil and trim the plants.

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