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glass walls FAQ's

5 Demountable Glass Walls FAQ’s

It’s no surprise demountable glass walls have been steadily growing in popularity over the last several years. They help bring natural light to dark hallways, add a modern aesthetic and provide flexibility when remodeling your space. In this post, we’re answering five glass walls FAQ’s. What are the benefits of demountable glass walls vs. traditional […]

5 sustainable products

5 Sustainable Products to Try Now

When companies initially started going “green,” there were a few sustainable products that were commonly selected and used. Now, that list is more extensive, giving organizations additional choices. Some of the tried and true building products from the past are still making a large impact, but now, there are even more options that offer out-of-the-box […]

partner with general contractors

How We Partner with General Contractors to Source Architectural Products

Over the last several years, our architectural products division has been partnering  with general contractors (GC) to source unusual products and finishes being specified on commercial projects. Whether we’re searching for the perfect glass wall, ordering large volumes of roller shades or providing moss walls to bring the outdoors in, collaborating with GC’s is something […]

sourcing architectural products fsi

How to Source Architectural Products

Glass walls, roller shades and acoustic panels are just a few of the architectural products on the market today. Each of these can make a huge impact in how a space functions and looks. For years, we’ve helped companies source architectural products, so today, we’re sharing six of our time-tested strategies. Start with a clear idea […]

living walls

Bringing the Outdoors in with Living Walls

Living walls have become more commonplace, as organizations seek to bring the outdoors in. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they’re recognized for: Reducing ambient temperature. Purifying the air. Decreasing ambient noise. When combined with natural light, they’ve even been credited with boosting moods and productivity. There are a wide variety of living walls available. […]

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