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keeping plans up to date

Keeping Facility Plans Up-to-Date in 5 Easy Steps

Keeping facility plans up-to-date can be difficult. Often, they get lost in day-to-day duties, but maintaining this information is incredibly important. With high real estate costs, understanding how an office space is utilized allows companies to analyze the space and make accurate decisions about their work environments. Before beginning, it’s important to have a clear […]

tracking furniture facility management

Recapture Your Investment with Asset Tracking

Adding furniture to a space is an investment. Given normal usage (wear and tear), maintaining these assets can seem daunting. However, there are ways to recapture some of those dollars spent and ensure you’re maximizing your assets, simply by tracking your inventory. There are a number of reasons to track your furniture. First, it’s important […]

accommodating rapid growth facilities

Accommodating Rapid Growth in Your Facility

Watching your business expand is exciting. However, those changes often come with growing pains, like recruitment, new space requirements and on-boarding. Going through a programming exercise is one way you can predict staffing increases and ultimately, accommodate growth more seamlessly. The first step is performing regular projections. Knowing how you’re growing and performing ahead of […]

space utilization study and tracking

Using Sensors to Track Space Utilization

When it comes to office space, it can be easy to think areas are more used than they actually are. Conference rooms, private offices and even individual desks may be less utilized than you expect. Conducting a space utilization study gives you the tools needed to make money-saving, real estate decisions. If you are contemplating […]

moving budgeting best practices

5 Budgeting Best Practices for Moving Your Office

When it comes to moving or employee relocation, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process more cost-effective. Here, you’ll find five best practices we routinely use to help our clients save money. 1. Make a plan. Spend time upfront with the team who will be moving internally. Find out what […]

preparing your facility for 2018

Preparing Your Facility for 2018

The start of a new year is right around the corner. Taking some time to prepare and plan for what’s ahead can help you anticipate upcoming challenges and develop an accurate budget. Below, we’ve assembled a list of items to consider. In the next few weeks, look at: Projected Headcounts: Is your company expecting to […]

We offer comprehensive knowledge of furniture and complete space planning.

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