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open concept no interior walls

8 Ways to Furnish an Entire Office Without Using Any Interior Walls

Open concept floorplans have become the standard for many offices. They support collaboration and offer flexibility. With lower construction costs, fewer inspections and shorter turnaround times for completion, it’s no surprise they’ve become popular. However, designing a completely open space can be challenging. While you can reduce the number of interior walls, it’s important to […]

when to replace office furniture

What You Should Know About Replacing and Repairing Office Furniture

Having up-to-date, well-functioning furniture in your office can make your workplace more efficient and attractive to current and prospective employees. However, knowing when to replace existing pieces is not as simple as monitoring wear and tear. If the colors are out of style, workstation walls are higher than 68 inches, or it doesn’t easily reconfigure […]

integrating tech into furniture

Furniture Designers Increase Connectivity with Tech Friendly Solutions

Commercial furniture designers are looking to the future with their newest designs. To accommodate the growing use of electronic devices, they are integrating technology into everything they can. These smart solutions support a flexible work environment, while helping employees stay connected. Power; A/V connections, like HDMI and VGA; and USB ports have been thoughtfully added […]

5 Things You Should Know about Furniture Procurement

5 Things You Should Know about Furniture Procurement.

Though exciting, getting new furniture for your office is not as simple as it sounds. When purchasing commercial grade pieces, lead times, budget, space planning and functionality are all important considerations. To help you navigate the process, we’ve mapped out five things you should know about furniture procurement. Pull together your criteria for budget, timeline, […]

FAQ’s: What to Know About Purchasing Workstations

Because workstations play such a large role in an office’s design, it’s no surprise we receive a lot of questions about them. Today, we pulled together five FAQ’s and supplied answers to each below. How much do they cost? New, 6×6 or 6×8 workstations typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000. These prices often vary based […]

herman miller workspace

Design Solution: Metaform Portfolio Furniture

For workplaces, collaboration and flexibility are two must-haves. Creating spaces that deliver both can be a challenge. One solution we’ve found is the Metaform Portfolio collection from Herman Miller. It is flexible, sturdy and lightweight, allowing businesses to adapt their offices to meet their evolving needs. The pieces are inexpensive and easy to move. Each Block […]

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