humanscale quickstand lite


Design Solution: Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco

With so much time spent sitting at the office, providing employees with the option to stand and work is growing in popularity. However, making the switch to standing desks can require a greater commitment than for what companies are looking.

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco offers the benefits of a standing desk with more flexibility, minimal installation and less financial investment. Essentially, it allows employees to take an existing desk and turn it into a height adjustable one, while still maintaining a work surface. It comes in three different models: the grommet mount, the clamp mount and free-standing. All conceal cables in the structure and are counter balanced with the monitor, allowing users to adjust them with one hand.

Easy to install, the QuickStand Eco gives employees the option to stand or sit while using it. It also can be used with a single or double monitor configuration. Before adding one to your office, consider how you want to mount or install it. Think about how long the monitor cables are and where you’ll be plugging them in.

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