Interior Design

Interior Design

Comprehensive Interior Design

At Facility Systems, our interior designers do more than just pick finishes, fabrics, and paint colors.

Not only do we translate your brand into your commercial space, we plan your workspace to meet today’s needs and adapt to tomorrow’s growth, and we ensure your workspace meets building codes, requirements, and compliance.

How we can help

We handle all the details. Our comprehensive interior service covers schematic design to finish specifications. We provide the full spectrum of interior design services to help your facility look good and function smoothly.

How we’re different

Our interior designers are experts in furniture and workstations, too. We work with manufacturers every day to stay on top of the latest finish and furniture trends.

At Facility Systems, we guide you through the entire interior design process.

Interior Design Services

We offer comprehensive knowledge of furniture and complete space planning.

“Facility Systems is always there when I need them. They fill a niche between the architects and furniture dealerships that we find necessary to successfully manage our daily moves, adds and changes. They are always ready to respond to our next facilities challenge.”