Space Planning

Space Planning

Efficient Space Planning

New equipment, technology, work processes, and organizational structure—changes in how you do business, and even what you do business with, can affect your workspace environment, forcing you to consolidate, reallocate, or even relocate.

At Facility Systems, we help your workspace adapt to the changes in your workflow, so that you can do business more efficiently and effectively.

How we help

We help businesses define their priorities and work patterns. Then, we bring our advanced tools and know-how of space planning, ergonomics, and furniture design to develop office plans and layouts that reflect your organizational structure and company requirements. Finally, we provide ongoing support so you and your workspace is ready to respond to your company’s future needs.

So we’re there when you need us.

How we’re different

We understand what matters: furniture specifications, work patterns, building requirements. Without an accurate, detailed floor plan, you could easily lose a work station, or even an entire floor.

At Facility Systems, we bring the spatial and furniture expertise to make sure your space is planned accurately, down to the inch. And that means more working, less troubleshooting.

Space Planning Services

We offer comprehensive knowledge of furniture and complete space planning.

“They [Facility Systems, Inc.] provided exactly what they said they would in a professional way. Our client and our firm were truly impressed with their service, and knowledge. They worked closely with our clients and brought ideas to the table that had not been previously considered.”