Highlighting your company culture within your workspace can support your recruitment, retention and business development efforts. A well-designed office can set you apart from the competition and allow clients to experience your brand in a new way.

Here, we’ve assembled five strategies you can use to showcase your business’s culture using interior design:

  1. Incorporate elements of your brand’s identity, like company colors, logos, mottos and values.
  2. Make sure the tone of the office matches your business. Material selection is a great way to do this.
  3. Think about the types of spaces you’ll include. If your company is casual, a lounge might make sense for a common meeting area. However, if you’re more formal, a large conference table and chairs would be a better fit.
  4. Don’t forget about the walls. Signage and artwork are easy ways to show off your brand that require minimal installation.
  5. Think outside the box. If your business is focused on health, add an area for healthy snacks, incorporate ergonomic elements and height adjustable desks. Community cafés and game areas are other ways to communicate your brand to prospects.

While some changes come with a larger financial commitment, others can be made quickly and easily. Adding new signage, ergonomic accessories and updating technology are three you could make before the end of the year.

No matter which solutions you choose, ensure you’re accommodating all employees, instead of catering to a specific group. Recently, when we worked with KBP Foods, it was important to them that restaurant workers and managers, their corporate staff and prospective investors felt welcome in their headquarters. To accomplish this, we worked with the architect to come up with relaxed furniture pieces to create the comfortable, professional appearance they wanted.

To find out how to showcase your culture at your office, contact us at ryan (at) fsikc (dot) com.