Huhtamaki was ready to update their office. Located inside their manufacturing facility, their workspaces had grown out of date. They wanted to attract new employees and ultimately, accommodate a larger team.

To minimize the disruptions to staff, Huhtamaki decided to complete the project in three phases. They also assembled a renovation committee, so employees could weigh in, while staying informed of timelines and plans. With so many moving parts, they were looking for a partner that would help manage the project globally and ensure things ran smoothly.

FSI was hired by Huhtamaki as an owner’s representative for the effort. We were tasked with overseeing the general contractor and architect and working closely with the company’s renovation committee. Because of our experience, we were able to add structure and a tested process to the effort. We also coordinated the move-in schedule, audio/visual installation and furniture procurement, keeping everyone on the same page.

The phasing added a level of complexity to the project. After each piece was completed, there was downtime, as employees moved into their new spaces and out of the old ones into a swing space. Maintaining a close schedule was critical, as any unforeseen roadblocks could affect multiple phases. To keep the project on track, we held monthly meetings with the renovation committee and bi-weekly ones with the general contractor and subcontractors. By working seamlessly with the entire team, we were able to meet all three move-in dates.