For over a decade, we’ve worked closely with Clinical Reference Laboratory to support their growing business. As a consultant to their facilities team, our design services help the staff manage their properties, both locally and abroad.

Choosing cost-effective solutions is important to Clinical Reference Laboratory. As they’ve acquired properties, we’ve helped them save money by repurposing their existing systems furniture in new ways. We have also worked with them to source parts from multiple vendors to ensure these items will work in new configurations.

As part of our close partnership, we’ve performed a wide range of design services, not typically found at a single firm. We’ve helped them with programming new office spaces and input their entire, 10 building campus into AutoCAD. We also continuously update multiple plans for their facilities team, which they have leveraged internally to maximize their space and manage their buildings more efficiently. Some of these have included:

  • Furniture plans
  • Equipment location plans
  • Evacuation plans
  • Warehouse racking plans
  • Parking lot maps
  • Fiber optic locations
  • Roof plans

Because we work with them on projects of all sizes, it helps to streamline efforts on their end. By keeping their plans up to date, their facilities department can easily pivot to meet the changing demands of their business at any time.