In August, we shared tips on how to optimize acoustics in offices. While ceiling panels can help do just that, Arktura’s Atmosphera line takes it one step further. Their decorative ceiling panels absorb sound, while adding architectural design elements.

The modular Atmosphera system is available in a variety of colors and textures, which can be mixed and matched. The materials are made in part from recycled content and are fully recyclable.

Arktura Atmosphera Soft Wood

The panels work to absorb sound, so it doesn’t bounce around a building. Atmosphera carries up to a .9 noise reduction coefficient rating. We are currently planning to use this product in the common areas and hallways of a school in Topeka, Kansas.

Installation is simple. Atmosphera can be used in existing or new spaces. The system comes in numbered modules that are easily put together and then, can be hung from the building structure. There are no requirements on ceiling height. However, you should take into account the locations of lights, HVAC equipment, sprinklers, etc. in your design.

Arktura Atmosphera Pulse

All Photos Courtesy of Arktura