The design of a workspace can improve employee satisfaction and attract top talent, so it’s no surprise we receive a lot of questions about interior design. Today, we pulled together six frequently asked questions and supplied the answers below.

How do finish selections impact budget and timeline?
They have a huge impact, because finishes come with different manufacturing timelines and costs. The earlier you bring an interior designer in on a project the more accurately you can plan for schedules and budgets. To circumvent this, you can always source items that are in stock.

What should I consider when selecting flooring?
In addition to the look and feel of a space, think about how it is used. If there’s a lot of traffic or food spills, finding something with good wear and tear is important. For example, carpet tile is easier to replace, if it is damaged or stained. Vinyl and stone are also easy to clean and durable, but if acoustics are a concern, they might not be a good fit.

Is it possible to see an item before special ordering it?
We have taken clients to showrooms to look at pieces and often provide fabric and finish samples. We also do walkthroughs and site visits of similar installations, so clients can get a better feel for what they’re ordering.

Do people actually get quieter when you remove tall workstation walls and move to an open floor plan?
The short answer is “yes.” Most people become more conscious of their surroundings.

What are some things I should begin introducing into my workspace next?
Open floor plans are still relevant, but there are some newer items that may be worth exploring:

  • Workstations with mobile charging.
  • Furniture with ergonomic functionality.
  • Tables or credenzas with tech integrated.
  • Monitor arms that help gain surface space.
  • Lounge furniture with built-in power.

Can I have a traditional desk with height adjustable features?
Yes, manufacturers are now integrating adjustable legs into the structure of their desks.