Over the course of the last year, we’ve installed countless roller shades around the Kansas City area. Throughout that time, we have fielded a variety of questions. Below, you will find our responses to everything from the average cost to the impacts of installation.

What should I consider before ordering roller shades?
There are a number of items to consider before ordering roller shades. For example, you’ll want to compare fabric density and select one that will perform best for your space. We typically recommend 5, 3 or 1 percent. That means the roller shade fabric blocks 95, 97 or 99 percent, respectively, of the incoming sunlight. We also recommend blackout fabric for multi-media rooms or areas where room-darkening capabilities are needed.

Choosing between manual and motorized is another factor. While motorized is more convenient, it does come with a greater cost. You can even choose from a variety of colors. Darker colors absorb light and heat and are less energy efficient than lighter colors, while lighter ones tend to reflect more of the interior light back into the space

We also recommend that you take into account the directions the windows overlook, because the sun exposure will vary for each one. For example, we rarely put shades on a northern elevation.

What kinds of unique roller shades are available?
Some specialty shades move horizontally and work well for skylights. Others are designed to fit angled windows. Solar controlled window coverings are another great option. You can learn more about those specifically here.

How much do roller shades cost?
Roller shades for regularly sized windows, 4’ x 5’, typically cost between $200 and $250 per shade, including installation.

Now that I’ve ordered, what’s the turnaround time?
Typically, companies can expect that shades will take four to six weeks to arrive after an order is placed. Some options are available for Quick Ship and can be delivered in as few as three weeks.

What are my mounting options?
Roller shades can be recessed into the ceiling or attached to the window mullions. There are pros and cons to both approaches. For example, recessing the shades into the ceiling is more expensive, because more material and construction are required to build the pocket the shade hangs from, but it has a much cleaner look when the construction is complete.

How long does installation take?
We suggest planning on 30 to 40 minutes per shade for manual options. By contrast, motorized take one hour to an hour and a half for each one.

What kinds of impacts should I expect during roller shade installation?
Installation can typically occur during normal business hours, while work is happening. Disruptions are minor, unless ceiling work is required. In that case, staff members may need to be temporarily relocated for part of the day.

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