Every facility manager (FM) understands the importance of having accurate floor plan records. They are as critical to an FM as a fishing rod is to a fisherman. With an accurate plan in place, an FM can more efficiently approach almost every aspect of the job. These plans are essential for space planning and move management, but they can also be used to establish emergency evacuation plans, departmental space audits, maps (for visitors) and disaster recovery plans. Even furniture comparisons and specifications are possible with a well maintained floor plan.

While we all understand the importance of an accurate floor plan, how many of us spend the time and effort needed to maintain the accuracy of these plans? Office spaces are seldom static. In fact, change in the workplace often dictates the creation of the FM position in the first place.

Without a plan of action, changes can happen within your facility that are never documented or updated on your floor plans. This disregard can cost you time, compromise accuracy and add stress to the next project that hits your desk.

A maintenance program for your facility floor plans should be as important as the maintenance program for your vehicle. With good plan maintenance, the FM is able to take a more proactive approach to their job. Without it, the FM is less efficient and effective. Regular floorplan maintenance should include updating the following:

  • Changes in architectural features or new construction.
  • Furniture locations and configurations.
  • Headcounts and office/workstation tag updates that include employee names/positions, room/station/department information and even phone extensions, if necessary.
  • Evacuation/safety plans to reflect current office layout and egress paths. This should also include the locations of emergency exits, stairwells, fire extinguishers, AED’s, etc.
  • Departmental allocations and boundaries.
  • Conference room locations.

Do you implement a maintenance program for your floor plans? If so, feel free to e-mail us, as we’d like to hear what is working for you. If not, hopefully this post will inspire you to start.