As your company grows, your office needs to evolve with you. However, purchasing all new furniture may not always be in the budget. One cost-effective solution is to repurpose the furniture you already own.

There are number of advantages to using your existing systems furniture in a new configuration or area. From the start, you get more mileage out of your furniture investment. This approach means there will be fewer design decisions to make, and no need to waste valuable time getting comfortable with new furnishings. Furniture manufacturers and finishes are already established, so no time is required looking through samples. Also, there is little or no impact to the environment, since you will not be filling up the local landfill with used furniture. All of these are positive considerations and can ultimately save your company money.

While we regularly use this approach for our clients, we have found that it may benefit our larger clients the most. Companies with multiple locations will routinely warehouse attic stock of systems furniture in order to react quickly to move and change requests. This attic stock can also be a big help when temporary swing space is required to accommodate an office layout revision. These businesses may have inventory in storage that could be repurposed into new branch offices as well. Utilizing their warehoused assets allows them to avoid both the cost and the time delay necessary when purchasing new furniture.

Systems furniture is a significant investment, so it makes sense to utilize what you have when you can. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, determine if the furniture you want to repurpose is still available to purchase. Unless you are re-using the furniture in the exact same configuration that exists, then supplemental parts and pieces will likely be needed. Next, investigate any upgrades that may be available with the given furniture line. Most manufacturers will continue to make improvements to their furniture lines after the initial product release. These improvements, many times in technology related items, may be just what you need to increase the functionality or flexibility of your existing furniture. If not, there are often alternate components that can be obtained to allow your proposed plan to work.

How to Redesign Your Space with Existing Furniture

  1. Determine the space you have to work with and the number of employees that will be in that space.
  2. Identify the furniture you want to re-use within the space.
  3. Hire a professional design firm with a strong systems furniture background.
  4. After review of the design criteria and field documentation of the furniture to be re-used, the designer will create preliminary test-fit plans, as well as:
    • Determine appropriate sizes of work spaces within the proposed space.
    • Establish locations for power/data entry into the furniture system.
    • Compile ideas on work space standards that will most efficiently re-deploy your existing furniture into the new space.
    • Present product enhancements that could be introduced.
    • Coordinate supplemental furniture specifications and orders.
    • Coordinate installation services.

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