Glass walls, roller shades and acoustic panels are just a few of the architectural products on the market today. Each of these can make a huge impact in how a space functions and looks. For years, we’ve helped companies source architectural products, so today, we’re sharing six of our time-tested strategies.

  1. Start with a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Consider things like aesthetics, function, and size to narrow down your search. Having a list of similar products also helps.
  2. Know your budget.
  3. Establish the quantity/scope early on, because then, you may be able to leverage that to get a quantity discount and a better price. This can even apply to items you plan to purchase over the course of the upcoming year.
  4. Determine how your specific product will interact within the conditions of your building. For example, if you want to install roller shades, make sure there is blocking in the wall or determine if you can attach the shades to the window mullions.
  5. Find out the distribution model of the manufacturer from whom you’re buying. Some sell direct to anyone, while others work through dealers within a specific territory.
  6. Understand lead times. Don’t assume you can get a product in a week. Some take three to four weeks, while others ship in seven to eight weeks.

To learn more about how to source architectural products, contact us at: ryan (at) fsikc (dot) com or by calling 913-341-1529.

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