Staying on top of facility management practices can increase safety and cost-savings. However, many companies do not have staff members dedicated to facility management. Instead, others on their team are asked to pitch in. Because these responsibilities are not part of their job’s primary function, it’s easy to miss some of the details.

Here, we’ve identified the three items that are most commonly overlooked. Each one offers a benefit to workplaces. They include:

  1. Maintaining updated floorplans, that have accurate workstation configurations, employee names, phone extensions and other critical information. This plays an important role in increasing workplace safety. That data can be used to establish a headcount during an evacuation. It also can help organizations secure a more accurate quote when gathering proposals for a new project.
  2. Tracking the warranty details and expiration dates for furniture. This can help companies save money if warranties are managed correctly. When used properly, businesses can take advantage of free labor to fix broken components and receive replacement parts by understanding the warranty’s finer details.
  3. Auditing your business’s square footage. Knowing what is available and what can be consolidated helps organizations plan for growth and reductions. Having this information allows companies to maximize their budgets. For example, you may discover that furniture could be consolidated from another place, instead of purchasing new. Or, it might be possible to reconfigure existing furniture to create the additional space required rather than acquiring more real estate.

For many businesses, hiring a facility manager may not make sense financially. Instead, those organizations can outsource these responsibilities to a consultant. To learn more about how we can help, email us at ryan @

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