Citizens of the World Charter Schools 

Project Type:

Renovation of existing multi-purpose room 


Kansas City, MO 

Scope/services provided:

  • Architectural Product(s)
    • Acoustic ceiling panels

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Client: Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Industry: Public Primary and Secondary Education 

Products Provided: Specialty acoustic ceiling panels

About the Client 

Citizens of the World Charter Schools is a public charter school that provides education focused on developing understanding and building connections within a diverse community. Established in 2013, the school currently teaches over 400 students ranging from K-8; it is open to all students residing in the KCMO school district.  


The school’s multi-purpose room is located in the basement and serves various functions such as a cafeteria, recess area and a hub for special activities. However, the sound generated from this room tends to travel upwards, causing disturbances in the upper floors’ classrooms. This hinders students’ ability to concentrate and learn The school’s primary challenge was to implement an effective soundproofing solution that could withstand the rigors of daily use, including impacts from flying soccer balls during recess. The solution needed to absorb sound without compromising the room’s versatility and functionality.


Facility Systems, Inc. introduced functional, acoustic solutions from Frasch to offer students a more peaceful and productive environment. With Frasch‘s state-of-the-art sound-dampening technology, students can now focus better on their studies without being disturbed by external noises.  

Facility Systems, Inc. Services

Facility Systems, Inc. provided an extensive selection of top-notch products to choose from, each accompanied by detailed pricing and installation information. We installed Frasch PET ceiling panels, which are specifically designed to absorb sound and create a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for accommodating up to 400 students in the cafeteria or for a lively recess area.   


The implementation of Frasch felt ceiling baffles significantly reduced noise disturbances from the multi-purpose room, allowing students and faculty to enjoy a more peaceful and productive environment. The room seamlessly adapts to various functions, providing a versatile space for a range of activities. 

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