Technology is incredibly complicated and is changing constantly. In order to make technology work, you need a company that understands your business in addition to being technology experts. A company that gets to know your needs, your culture and your plans for growth—and how technology can facilitate that success.

We help offices like yours plan, design, build, and furnish your workspace – down to the inch.


We get to know your company first what you do and how you do it. What you need the technology to do and how you envision your team utilizing it to improve your business. We then use this information, along with our expertise, to design a system that perfectly meets your needs. Rest assured, we have the team to provide a fully functional technology package to help your business meet its goals.


We have partnered with a leading technology engineering, programming and development company, Mavrik Systems Consulting. Facility Systems already has product knowledge and installation capabilities and, with Mavrik on our team, we have the technical expertise and relationships needed to design and install a system to exceed your expectations. This partnership allows our team to provide industry leading products, technology and software to ensure your company gets the maximum return on the technology investment.

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  • Digital Signage
  • Conference Room Technologies
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Presentation Systems
  • Room Scheduling
  • Building amenity systems (music & video)
  • Existing system evaluation/updates
  • Installation, Warranty and Service
  • Training and Technical Support 

Enhancing Office Spaces with Audio Visual Systems

In a modern office, effective communication is critical. Outdated office audio-visual systems can disrupt important presentations and hinder productivity. In this blog, learn about the different components of an audio-visual system and how they can transform boardrooms, conference rooms and main offices into innovation hubs. Discover the benefits of optimizing your AV setup and find expert guidance to make your office a cutting-edge workspace.

New Office Technology Trends for 2023 

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Frequently Asked Questions About A/V Systems

Facility Systems, Inc. has supplied audio visual or A/V systems to businesses for many years. But with an increase in virtual meetings, many are rethinking their current solution and adding something new. In this post, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions...

We help offices like yours plan, design, build, and furnish your workspace – down to the inch.


“Facility Systems is always there when I need them. They fill a niche between the architects and furniture dealerships that we find necessary to successfully manage our daily moves, adds and changes. They are always ready to respond to our next facilities challenge.” TERESA REICHERTER Sr. Facilities Maintenance Manager, Garmin International, Inc.

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