How has the world of world of work changed?

Over the past several years, strong patterns have emerged as workplace behaviors have shifted. In this 2023 Workplace Index Report, you can read more about tensions in the workplace and how they will behave in 2023 and beyond.
The world of work has undergone huge social change. Within the workplace, however, few organizations are able to see the true impact of these big shifts, with many businesses getting an incomplete picture at best. As you plan and manage your office, consider how these trends affect your employees and management style. Contact Facility Systems, Inc. for more information.

Our research shows that four major tensions have emerged and are affecting workplaces worldwide.

– Freedom vs. Connection

– Flexibility vs. Certainty

– Value Add vs. Cost Center

– CO2 Targets vs. Costs

Download the report here to learn more about workplace trends and challenges in 2023.

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