Though exciting, getting new furniture for your office is not as simple as it sounds. When purchasing commercial grade pieces, lead times, budget, space planning and functionality are all important considerations. To help you navigate the process, we’ve mapped out five things you should know about furniture procurement.

  1. Pull together your criteria for budget, timeline, programming and furniture needs before beginning your project. Knowing this information can help build consensus within your office and ensure everyone involved in the furniture procurement process knows what to expect.
  2. Leave more time than you think you will need. For every item you’re ordering, allow time to receive samples, procure pricing and see it in person. Keep in mind you may not like the first round you select, so give yourself time to cycle through several options. Be sure to also plan for lead times. Most furniture takes four to six weeks to deliver after it’s been ordered.
  3. Consider your office aesthetics and company culture. These factors should influence each piece’s functionality and design. If your organization is casual, finishes and furniture style should reflect that. The way your office looks helps to communicate your brand to current and prospective team members and clients.
  4. Put together a realistic budget. Commercial grade furniture is different than what you can buy in most retail stores. It offers better construction, service and warranties, but with that, comes higher prices.
  5. Include office and/or facility managers in the process, along with any related department heads. If you’re working with an architect, involve them in your decision-making process as well.

All Photos Courtesy of Herman Miller

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