We recently shared what to know before kicking off an interior design project, so today, we’re taking it one step further and sharing some of our favorite trade secrets. Below, you’ll find six best practices we employ for every project.

  1. Think about the use of a space and the durability of pieces you’ll be adding to it. For example, delicate wallpaper doesn’t make a lot of sense in an elevator lobby.
  2. Choose architectural products that help boost the efficiency of a space, like high-performing window treatments. These can help cut down on heating and cooling expenses.
  3. Consider company culture with every step of the design. Selecting a look that is consistent with your brand and the atmosphere of your work environment can help improve employee satisfaction.
  4. Stay current on codes and regulations. These can vary city by city.
  5. Keep in mind the company hierarchy and required adjacencies. For example, assistants and executives should be near one another, and departments should be placed together.
  6. Pay attention to where each area is located in the design. An energetic breakroom might be too noisy next to a conference room.