Adding new furniture can be a simple and effective way to update a workspace. But, it can be challenging to know where to start and which numbers to consider. Below, we’ve outlined the five steps you can take to create an accurate furniture budget for your office.

  1. Determine how the space will be programmed. Start by understanding your employees’ needs. Collect information, like the number of workstations versus private offices required. Also, take a look at the number of conference rooms and how they are used. Think about ancillary spaces like breakrooms, lounge areas and mothering rooms.
  2. Now, begin applying costs to each of the items outlined in step one. Below is a breakdown of the most commonly needed figures. These are based on a mid to upper range office space. However, a good furniture dealer can find whatever you need within your budget.
A Fully-Loaded 6’x8’ Workstation $4,000
A Nice Private Office $7,000
Conference Table $5,000
Ergonomic Chair $500
  1. Understand your schedule. It will impact price. Review your company growth or consolidation projections, and inflation, if you’re budgeting for the future. Keep in mind furniture companies have a cost increase each year as well.
  2. Figure out installation costs and freight. As a rule of thumb, this is typically 20 percent of the material cost.
  3. Now, total all the components you’ve gathered up until this point. Then, monitor it as conditions and schedules change. Continue to update, so it remains accurate.

Find out how we can help you create and maintain your furniture budget. Contact us at: ryan (at) fsikc (dot) com or 913-341-1529.

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