For the last several months, we’ve been providing furniture selection and space planning services to Heights and Hills through our newly formed relationship with Design Advocates. This non-profit organization connects architects and designers with pro bono design services.

“Working with Design Advocates has allowed us to provide our design services to end users in need. We were happy to assist in any way we could,” said Ryan Elder, Principal, Facility Systems, Inc.

Heights and Hills is a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. They serve older adults and their families by offering social services for homebound adults, caregiver support and volunteer and intergenerational programs.

They began working with our team, because their existing space was out-of-date and inefficient. It needed to be renovated, but they didn’t have the funding for professional design services.

Working through Design Advocates, we met with Heights and Hills to better understand their needs. They wanted help with the following items:

  • Space planning.
  • Furniture planning.
  • Furniture specification assistance.

We used their input to create plans and documents. These resources will then be presented to potential donors, as they ask for furniture donations.

Learn how you can give back to Heights and Hills here.