New technology is helping office workers move more throughout the day by adjusting the height of their desks automatically. For example, if someone has been sitting for an extended period of time, their desk will raise, encouraging them to stand.

The furniture in Herman Miller’s Live OS product line has sensors integrated into the design of every desk. These connect via Bluetooth to an app, which houses each person’s settings and preferences. From there, users can view their stats and real-time analytics to see how they’re performing. Companies can also use this data to see how many people are standing throughout the day, as well as the duration.

herman miller live os facility system solutions

Live OS allows workers to customize their workstation to meet their individualized needs and offers a number of health benefits. It encourages movement and helps people stay motivated by allowing them to monitor their own progress.

Installation is easy. Simply purchase and implement the new workstations. However, our team recommends going a step further. After buying the equipment, educate employees on how it works, as well as why the investment is being made. Demonstrating both of these components is important in building buy-in and ensuring the new technology has the greatest impact.

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