When starting your next project, hiring an owner’s representative might be the last thing on your mind. However, they should be the first person you add to your lineup. Having an Owner’ Rep on your team will help keep your project on track, alleviate your workload and reduce the likelihood of having unforeseen construction costs. Great reps can provide turnkey service that takes your project from start to move-in.

Why should I spend my money on an owner’s rep?

For many, this is the tough one. But, having an industry expert on your team will keep your project moving. This helps reduce costs incurred by delays and other unknowns. It also takes something off your plate, so you can focus on work, instead of when your A/V will be up and running or when construction will be complete.

What’s the process for hiring?

  1. Reach out for a general interview. Ask them about their process and experience. Also, this will give you a feel for personality. Is this someone with whom you want to work?
  2. Ask for a proposal with hourly rates and invoicing procedures.
  3. Make your selection.

(That’s it. Really.)

What should I consider when choosing one?

  • Hire someone early in the process.
  • Look for a partner with broad industry experience. They should have working knowledge with real estate, construction and architecture.
  • In terms of personality, choose someone who is assertive, detailed and has the capacity to manage multiple consultants at once.
  • They should be schedule driven.
  • Ideally, they should have project experience related to your job. For example, if you’re building a laboratory, having someone with that kind of expertise on your project is invaluable.

When should I bring them on?

Add them to your team as early as possible to see the largest benefit. Having them coordinate with all partners upfront saves you headaches instead of waiting until construction is started. Also, they can help you select consultants, if they’re involved early enough.

What else can they do? Fly?

No, they can’t fly, but they can coordinate furniture, A/V and all of those other little details that have a tendency to get forgotten. Your owner’s rep should also be able to help you move in.

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