Sprint wanted to make one of their cafés with an unusual footprint more welcoming for current and prospective employees. They planned to do this by adding more light to the space and opening it up.

They felt they could achieve both goals by replacing the current curved wall with a glass one. However, finding a solution that would fit easily into the room was proving to be difficult.

Working with the architect, RMTA and the general contractor, A.L. Huber, our team began looking at solutions that would fit easily into the unique, existing conditions. We landed on an option from Muraflex, a company with whom we’d partnered before. We had used their demountable glass walls on a number of projects, but for this one, we selected their Mimo line.

The Mimo system uses a curved track and segmented glass. This combination offers the end user the flexibility needed to work within a space’s existing conditions. It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for less traditionally shaped rooms. Instead of removing a wall and incurring unknown structural and mechanical costs, Mimo walls provide a beautiful, architectural element, while still fitting seamlessly into a space.

sprint cafe