Color can brighten spaces and improve moods. When used appropriately, it can create atmosphere and reinforce a company’s culture. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to revitalize or update a work environment.

We asked our interior design team to share their favorite strategies for adding color to commercial spaces. They said businesses should:

  • Keep in mind the effect color can have on mood. Use bright colors for high energy spaces and calming shades in areas that are designed to be more relaxed.
  • Consider durability. If a room has a high traffic volume, don’t use white paint or a delicate wall covering to inject color. Instead, select something that can hide wear and tear.
  • Integrate the color of existing building materials or finishes into the design plans. Make sure they all work together.
  • Think about how you’re investing in color. For example, painting a wall in a bold shade might be more cost-effective in the long-term than choosing the same hue for all your office chairs.
  • Incorporate your corporate brand with color.
  • Stay current with your selections, but don’t follow trends blindly. Choose items that work for your business.
  • Form a small group to weigh in on the design. Crowdsourcing input slows things down, and decisions become more difficult to make.

To learn more about how our interior design team can help with your next project, contact us at ryan (at) fsikc (dot) com or 913-341-1529.

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