Telescoping glass walls provide a great solution for dividing spaces. They offer sound isolation and the flexibility to increase the size of a room for large gatherings, because they collapse into themselves when opened.

Below, we’re answering frequently asked questions about this popular architectural product. Learn more about installation requirements, lead time and customization.

What should be considered before installing telescoping glass walls?
It’s important to understand how the ceiling interacts with the wall before installation. Look at the entire length of where the telescoping glass walls will be added. Notice if there are different ceiling types or heights on either side. Those factors should be taken into account, along with the structure’s ability to support the weight of the glass.

How much do they weigh?
Telescoping glass walls are heavy. They need an engineered structure to support the load of the wall. We can provide the weight of the wall, based on height and length, so any engineer can easily plan the support structure.

Can you integrate pivot doors into a telescoping glass wall?
Yes, we can put pivot or hinge doors anywhere in the telescoping wall. However, it’s best to have them at the ends of the wall, so the sliding glass panels can collapse next to the door.

What is the lead time on telescoping glass walls?
After an order is placed, it takes eight to 10 weeks for the walls to arrive.

Can the designs be customized?
Yes, decorative films can still be applied to telescoping glass walls. This allows companies to brand their space, creating a unique environment that reflects their culture. Different color extrusions are also available.

What should I expect in terms of price?
Pricing varies for telescoping glass walls. For each order, we provide clients with a custom quote. In it, we consider the length needed and installation requirements for the space. Customizations and the integration of doors also impacts pricing.

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