Types, Benefits, and How to Choose the Right One for Your Office Space

Throughout the past decade, people have adjusted their office spaces and health-conscious mindsets in many ways. One trend that is seemingly more popular now than ever before is the simple, yet wildly beneficial, standing desk.

Although sit-to-stand desks have been around for many years, according to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, the availability and inclusion of the desks in workplaces has skyrocketed over recent years to fit the needs and comfortability of employees. In the old days, workers created unsightly DIY standing desks by stacking books or boxes on desks to reach a standing height. Now, companies can provide sleek, attractive standing desks designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of employees. 

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What are the pros and cons of standing desks?

One of the primary driving forces behind the growing popularity of standing or uplift desks is the potential health benefits they offer. Many have highlighted the negative effects of excessive sitting, including risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and back problems. A study conducted by England’s University of Leicester found that people who sat for the longest periods were twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease than those who sat the least. By incorporating an alternative to sedentary behavior – like working at a standing desk – employees can increase their daily movement, which can help combat these health risks and improve overall well-being. On top of the physical health benefits, adding more daily movement into your routine can improve energy levels and mental health.

Like anything in life, moderation is key. Prolonged standing can lead to harmful effects on the human body, just like prolonged sitting. Some risks of extensive standing include joint and back pain, as well as fatigue. Nonetheless, a healthy balance of both sitting and standing can help provide a more active and engaging workspace for employees.

Types of Standing Desks

Standing desks offer a high level of customization, allowing users to personalize their workstations to suit their preferences. Due to the increased demand and popularity of these desks, the variety of options, styles, and abilities are immense.

Static Standing Desk

The simplest form of a standing desk is a static or fixed style. This is a built-in platform that stands at a single height and is less adjustable than other models. The static standing desk is perfect for someone who would prefer a set height for their desk arrangement and does not need any flexibility.

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Adjustable Mechanical Desk

This model is among the most popular versions of the standing desk due to its flexibility and price. An adjustable mechanical desk, also known as a manual standing desk, allows you to adjust to a height that is comfortable for an individual employee’s body proportions. Similar to common ergonomic desk chairs, these manually adjustable desks do not require a motor or electricity.

Adjustable Electric Desk

This tech-forward, sit-to-stand desk offers a smooth transition of heights for your desk space with just the click of a button. Comparable to a car window motor, the buttons allow you to adjust the height of the surface up and down with the press of a button.

Standing Desk Converter

Coming in as the most flexible option, the standing desk converter is an add-on to your original desktop. This option is perfect for those who don’t want to buy a whole new desk setup. This desk riser simply sits on a flat surface and allows a variety of height options so you can alternate between sitting and standing. Furthermore, the standing desk converter can be removed and stored easily.

How to Choose Standing Desks for Your Office

If you are considering implementing standing desks in your workspace, Facility Systems, Inc. can help you choose which style is right for you. In our recent remodel of the UMB Bank Financial Corp Office Suite, we specified standing desks in their office environments in a clean, attractive manner. We consider the following things in office planning and furniture specification:

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Every office space, especially considering employees’ remote spaces, is very different. The size and practicality of standing desks is crucial for amplifying the comfort of your workspace. Measure your space and determine the height and width requirements you would like to fulfill when choosing the desk that is right for your office.

Layout and Functionality

How is your office laid out? What kinds of needs do you want a sit-to-stand desk to satisfy? It is important to establish the answer to these questions before choosing the desk that is right for your employees. Standing desks should serve your workspace in the most practical way possible, while also meeting your employee’s preferences. Take a look at how Facility Systems, Inc. can provide advice and space planning services to best suit your workspace needs.


With the rising popularity of standing desks, there are endless styles and colors to choose from. Match your standing desks with colors and tones within your office to enhance your company’s branding and office vibe.

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How to Buy Standing Desks for Your Office

Facility Systems, Inc. is a leading specifier of ergonomic solutions. Whether you’re buying new furniture or reallocating what you have, we can determine your needs and specify furniture that performs. With our expertise in custom office solutions, we are here to help businesses find the perfect standing desks to fit their needs. Whether your business needs a simple converter desk or a more advanced electric standing desk with integrated technology, Facility Systems, Inc. can find the right product for you.

Facility Systems, Inc. has built long-lasting relationships with several furniture dealers. We have access to all the product information we need to apply different options to your space. This gives us access to a full range of functional, sustainable, trendy, economic, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing furniture options.

Contact us today to learn more about our open office space planning and furniture specification services.

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