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Integrating Sustainable Products into the Workplace

There are a number of simple ways companies can integrate sustainable products into their workplace. However, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Below, we’ve answered common questions on how to incorporate green elements in a work environment. There are a wide-range of sustainable products. How can I tell they’re green? Look for items with […]

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FAQ’s: Interior Design

The design of a workspace can improve employee satisfaction and attract top talent, so it’s no surprise we receive a lot of questions about interior design. Today, we pulled together six frequently asked questions and supplied the answers below. How do finish selections impact budget and timeline? They have a huge impact, because finishes come […]

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6 Interior Design Best Practices

We recently shared what to know before kicking off an interior design project, so today, we’re taking it one step further and sharing some of our favorite trade secrets. Below, you’ll find six best practices we employ for every project. Think about the use of a space and the durability of pieces you’ll be adding […]

Design Solution: Arktura’s Atmosphera

In August, we shared tips on how to optimize acoustics in offices. While ceiling panels can help do just that, Arktura’s Atmosphera line takes it one step further. Their decorative ceiling panels absorb sound, while adding architectural design elements. The modular Atmosphera system is available in a variety of colors and textures, which can be mixed […]

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How to Improve Acoustics in Open Offices

Creating open, collaborative work spaces has become common place. They can foster teamwork and innovation. However, one key to their success is ensuring acoustics are optimized. Below, we’re sharing some tips and products that can help do just that. What are some items businesses should consider when evaluating the acoustics in their office? Whether they […]

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What You Should Know Before Starting an Interior Design Project

While an office’s look and feel can be an important recruiting tool, navigating an interior design project can be overwhelming. Today, we’re sharing some common pitfalls to avoid, as well as tips to get your project off to a great start. We asked FSI interior designer, Sara Price, to share some of her tips for […]

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